Build Files ...

We hold the original files on almost all cars built between 1964 and 2000, which include the original build specification, invoices, history and general correspondence regarding the car. If you would like to know more about your particular car, we can supply you with copies of all relevant documents. All we need to know is the chassis number of your Marcos. Please contact us and we should be able to give you the background history of your Marcos - some files have been `lost' over the years from the factories moving/closing down.  Apologies, but there are no files for the Mini Marcos cars.

Please note: The build files do not contain technical drawings of the cars, or parts lists. They contain historical information only as mentioned above, and files vary from car to car.

There is a charge of £25.00 + VAT (20%)  for this service.

In relation to the build files, we keep a large database of all known cars built going back to 1959. There are cars dotted all over the place and we would be delighted to receive any information about any car to update its history for future reference and fill in any gaps. No two cars are the same, so any information where possible such as previous owners, photographs, modifications, replacement chassis, colour changes etc.... is invaluable to keep the cars history complete. In many cases we have not seen or heard of cars since they left the Marcos factory as long as 30 years ago, and they are out there somewhere ! So if you own or have owned a Marcos however many years ago, please send us an e-mail with some history.

Photo of build files and average contents to be found in them