Buying a Marcos ...
Buying a Marcos should be a life changing experience and is often the fulfillment of years of hard work. Don't let this be turned into something resembling a nightmare by overlooking potential problems and pitfalls that may not seem obvious. The majority of cars are owned by enthusiasts and are well maintained, but with the resurgence of the classic car market we are seeing more and more cars appearing on the market that are not up to scratch and in some cases have dubious parentage.

As a quick guide, before you commit to purchasing, do give us a call. These are the main items to bear in mind:

1.     Identity  - We hold all of the original build files for cars built from 1964 to date and can authenticate a car over the phone and / or with photos to ensure the car is as described. As an example, it is not unheard of for a poorly built 1980's 2nd Generation car to turn up with the identity of an original 60's / 70's car .... !!

2.     Chassis Condition  - With all metal chassis cars, check the side sill tubes, this is normally the first place where corrosion will occur. But be careful, in some cases only these sections have been replaced, and so there may be further chassis problems hidden. Wooden chassis cars are different again, and will need careful and detailed inspection. We carry out  all aspects of restoration, and can certainly assist you in what  to look out for when buying a good wooden chassis car. 

3.     Originality  - With the value of used Marcos cars steadily increasing, originality is paramount. We can confirm the original specification of any car and ensure it has the correct period features for the model.

Scenic shot of Marcos with roof down

We offer a service to the prospective purchaser where Rory will personally travel to inspect any car. We will provide an itemised report and valuation on the vehicle prior to purchase, or if the vehicle is brought to us at Semington we can carry out the report in house while you wait.

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Don't hesitate to give us a call, we are happy to help! ........01380 871717