Metal Chassis Refurbishment ...

We all dread the annual visit to the Mot station, whatever the car. The Marcos is different, it is more a member of the family than a mere car, we don’t expect old age to creep in and take advantage of it, and if it is a metal chassis then there is the most dreaded problem of all, the cancer of the classic, R U S T .

Chassis with serious rust issues section 1 of rusty chassis
Section 2 of rusty chassis
section 3 of rusty chassis

These pictures tell the story, we have the answer, and we think the most cost-effective way round the problem, Galvanising. We have spent a lot of time investigating all the problem areas and have found a very good system that can Hot Galvanize the whole chassis with virtually no distortion, which has been the main problem until now.

As you can see on our "Restorations" page, we have been replacing chassis's for a long time now and know them inside out. We can offer 3 options for chassis refurbishment:

Body Off - New fully galvanised chassis:  Upon discovery of signs of rot, we can remove the body to assess the overall condition of the chassis. We can supply a brand new chassis from the original chassis jig, and galvanise. This will last the lifetime of the car. The old chassis is stripped of all mechanical parts. We then fit up the new galvanised chassis with all new brake, fuel and clutch lines, clips and chassis sponge etc.... We would recommend powdercoating black the suspension wishbones, and new bushes are fitted prior to fitment to the new chassis. With all mechanical parts refitted, the body is replaced safely back on the chassis and all body furniture refitted.

Body Off - Chassis Repair:  Dependant on how severe the chassis corrosion is, we can remove and replace sections of the corroded material. This is not ideal, as you cannot sucessully galvanise used steel.

Rolling Chassis:  The more economic way is for us to receive the “rolling chassis” only, by this we mean the chassis complete with engine, gearbox, axle, front suspension, etc the car less the body. This will greatly reduce the labour times, especially with the later bonded on bodies. We can then remove all mechanical parts, cut out all the damaged chassis tubes and replace as necessary or replace the entite chassis and galvanise. 

Shiney new chassis

The beauty of the galvanised chassis is that it will last, and with the value of these cars on the increase, a galvanised chassis will not only command a higher price, but keep these cars on the road for years to come.

As you can appreciate all of the cars are different, and labour times to remove the bodies do vary. We can estimate to carry out the above work. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can give you a guide price.

Wooden Chassis Refurbishment ....

Alongside our metal chassis restorations, we also carry out numerous wooden chassis repairs, from an engine bay panel refurbishment to a full floor & torsion box replacement.

Botten's car showing wood rot Botten's car being restored Botten's new chassis, right way up
Using all of the original materials, we can repair or replace the wooden chassis to the genuine build specification, giving you peace of mind the chassis is correct and has been done properly. 
Botten's car underside complete botten's car from underneath complete

To our utter horror, we have seen photos of crude steel frames bolted to the underside of the wooden chassis to hold it together, and in some cases these have been mistaken for a metal chassis.

If you are in any doubt that your chassis may require attention, please give us a call and we can inspect it for you and offer our advice.