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Chris Scafario's fully restored 3 Litre Volvo, USA.                                           Photos courtesy of Michael Mauro
You can read Chris's story at 



Odd Moe's  1994  Mantara,  Dubai,  UAE



Randy Snow's 1990 Mantula Spyder  at the All British Car Day Show in Canada.



Martyn Phillips
Lightweight Mantula Coupe
Brian Virgo's 1970
3 Litre V6, Australia
Antonio Alves's 1968 
Wooden Chassis 1600, Portugal
Mr Ward's 1994


Jorge Serrano's  1967  Marcos 1500, Spain.


Ray Bennett's Martina, Australia Jack Myer's Mantara and 1965 Marcos 1800.



Allan Stewart's Mantaray


Chris Richter's
3 Litre Volvo
Steve Taylor's LM 500 at Tatton Park Douwe van der Wal's
Ford V6, Netherlands
Peter Richard's 1970 3 Litre V6, Australia 


Reinhard Rieser's 1800 IRS
1966, 2.0 Litre BMW engine 
Mark Doubet's 3 Litre
Wooden chassis V6, USA 
Lionel Aglave's 3 Litre V6
at the concours d'elegance,
Le Touquet, France 
Stephen Lawrenson's
LM 400 
C. Suchart's 1600

 Rick Harding's 1969
3 Litre Wooden chassis 
 Andy Culpin's LM 500
New Zealand 
 Anthony Groenen's
3 Litre V6, Belgium 
 Chris Beckwith's 3 Litre
Wooden chassis, Australia 
The last Mantis, built by Marcos Heritage Spares 

3 Litre & Mantula, Talleres M. Vazquez S.L, Spain 


  Brian Everington's 1995 LM 500  Chris Ireland's 1998 Mantis with the first production Concorde at the Brookalnds Museum  LM 600 Road Car 


Reto Stemmler's 1970 3 Litre Ford V6, Switzerland  Knut Erik Svenden's 1969 3 Litre Wooden chassis, Norway  Don Lattimer's 1970 3 Litre V6, USA  Carlo Castagnoli's 3 Litre Volvo, Italy  Bill Black's 1970 3 Litre Volvo, Colorado Springs 

John Coombe's Marcos GT at Mosport International Raceway, Canada 


  janusz k's    
Heiner Geering's 1971 Mantis M70, Switzerland  Janusz Krotlinski's Mantara Coupe 
Chris Lloyd's Mantula at Cardiff Castle  Mike Sullivan's Mantula Coupe, USA 


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