MK VI Extras ...

Pair of headlamp covers with special fittings. EX01
Quartz halogen headlamps complete with backing bowls. EX02
Lighting set - comprises of front indicators and side repeaters, stop and tail lights, one reversing light and one rear fog light. Latest LED technology and styled to suit the rear panel. EX03

 photo of mini Marcos headlamp covers on car  Mini Marcos headlamps  Mini Marcos tail lamps

Roll Cage, specially designed for the car, essential for competition use, complies with MSA regulations. EX04
Walnut or Elm Dashboard. Available to accept either 2 pod, 3 pod or the classic range of instruments. EX05
Carbon faced dashboard, to accept 2 pod, 3 pod, or the classis range of instruments. EX06
Set of classic instruments - fuel gauge, water temp gauge, battery condition, oil pressure gauge, 100mm speedometer and rev counter.  Includes temperature sender. EX07
Pair of reclining seats - specially built and complete with logo and headrests, finished in black cloth. EX08
Special low seat runners for the above ( sold singly ). EX09
Steering wheel and boss - Classic 3 spoke black Vinyl covered 14" wheel. EX10
Steering wheel and boss - Moto-Lita 3 spoke black leather covered 13" wheel. EX11
Alloy wheels - 6 x 13 genuine original Minilite. As used on all race winning Mini's in the 1960s - 70's. Made to special dimensions including centre caps and wheel nuts. EX12

 Mini Marcos race seat  Mini Marcos Steering wheel  Mini Marcos wheels

Yokohama 175/50/13 tyres to give maximum performance and ideal for both road and track. EX13
Heated rear screen, comes complete with wiring diagram. EX14
Special fuel tank complete with fittings, including outlet pipe and special tank sender unit. EX15
Fibreglass rear wing, to both enhance the look of the car and create down force for competition use. EX16
 Mini Marcos wheel on car  Mini Marcos shock absorbers and springs  mini marcos fuel tank

Aircraft type flush fitting Locking Fuel Filler Cap. EX17
Set of Goodridge metal braided brake hoses, front and rear. EX18
Special LCB exhaust manifold, hand jig built for maximum performance. EX19

 mini marcos exhaust on car  mini marcos manifold  mini marcos filler cap
Front mounted radiator cooling fan kit, including hoses, clips and fittings. EX20
Special adjustable lowering kit - enables the car to be set to the optimum ride height for both road and track use. Direct replacement for the original alloy trumpet and knuckle joints, the kit includes the special tool needed to fit. EX21
Set of front and rear Unique Protech coil over spring/damper units. Specially designed for the car, fully adjustable on both damping and height adjustment. Check with Marcos Heritage for compatibility dependant on wheel size, and for any strengthening modifications that will need to be made. EX22
Quickshift gear lever assembly. Gives less gear lever travel and improves feel of the gear change - a must for competition use. EX23

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