MK VI GT Car ...

A winner from the start! .... This is the car that notoriously thrashed and lapped all of the competition at it's debut race at Castle Combe in 1965. The Mini Marcos continued to have success at Le Mans in 1966 when it came 15th overall - and that was up against the might of Porsche, Ford and Ferrari. Four land speed records were set for a flying mile, half mile, kilometer and 500m for cars up to 1600cc - those records still survive to this day. This is a car with proven race pedigree.

Practical Performance .... This is a car that was designed for some rough handling - the road holding is second to none and the wide track gives exceptional grip when you put this car through it's paces.

Awesome styling for the track or road ....The classis lines of the GT version give the car real track presence; despite its size. Optional roll bar and racing seats are complimented by a carbon fibre dash.

Promotional shot of Marcos GT

The choice is yours! ... Available in either road weight for track day and road use, or ultra lightweight for race use. Still available in 6 colours, the GT car can be supplied in various stages of build to suit your requirements.

Racing pedigree through and through .... Built to win, yet flexible enough to build to your unique specification. This is an easy car to build and is affordable fun for the amateur and professional enthusiast alike. 


perspex window vent for race car electric cut off point fitted to Mini Marcos race car Marcos car race wheel Mini door hinges

Available in various forms...6

The choice is yours, from the entry level basic kit to get you started, to various stages built to your specification.

The base kit includes the main body assembly in non-coloured gel-coat lightweight glass fibre which comes complete with Doors, Tailgate, Bonnet & Nose Panel. The main body assembly incorporates all bracket work and is drilled to accept standard Sub-frames (excluding seatbelt mountings).

Included in this stage is a Laminated Front Screen, Gasket & Filler Strip, Perspex Rear Window, Fixed Quarter Lights, one-piece Perspex Door Windows and a set of Door Hinges.

The Base Kit Also includes a Quick Release Front End to accept a wider front track, Extended Rear Wheel Arches and Side Sills.        

Parts required from the donor car:

  Indicators - front only Gear lever stick and gaiter 
  Headlights, headlight bowls and headlight rims  Switch panel with switches and cables attached 
  Side repeaters  Dash instrument panel with instruments 
  Subframe with all front suspension, engine and all ancillaries fitted  Handbrake lever with cable 
  Brake pedal carriage and master cylinder  All window winding mechanisms 
  Brake compensating valve ( late models only )  Door locks, exterior and interior 
  Brake pipes  Seat belts 
  Complete wiring loom  Exhaust system 
  Fuel line  Heater motor box complete with pipes 
  Speedo cable  Rear subframe complete with suspension units 
  Door mirror  Fuel filler cap and grommet 
  Wiper motor with wiper motor wheel boxes and rack  Wheels and tyres 
  Door furflex / seal  Battery with battery cables 
  Washer bottle with jets  Rear fog light 
  Steering column with cowls, switches and wiring attached  Boot hinges 


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