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heater cable pedal rubber polybush kit IN11 front screen gasket


Marcos Heritage Spares are the only supplier of genuine Marcos parts worldwide. Where possible we use all original suppliers and craftsmen to supply parts for all Marcos models.

We can supply a huge range of parts, and you can find the most popular items on our "Parts & Spares" page. If you cannot see the item you require, please send us an e-mail at or give us a call on 01380 871717 and we can certainly help.

One of our main objectives is to try and supply parts that are sadly now becoming obsolete, and re-source where possible. You can find many of these items on our "Parts now Available" page.

Together with the original moulds, jigs and drawings we can supply all parts special to Marcos which are manufactured to the correct specification for the car, ensuring quality and genuine fitment.

One of our most valuable sources are our fibreglass moulds. We house all of the original Marcos moulds and can reproduce virtually any fibreglass part for your car, ranging from a complete bodyshell to a bumper .... doors, bonnets, interior trim panels, dash tops, pedal boxes, mudguards, etc... We can also supply a section from a mould, for instance if you just require a corner from a body mould,  you would like to fit wider wheel arches, or you would like a roof panel to fill in your sunroof ... don't hesitate to ask if you need anything in particular.

####   It has come to our attention that there are non-genuine bonnets being sold on Ebay. Apart from infringing our Intellectual Property Rights, a mould would have been made from something like a poor quality race bonnet. It could quite easily have been involved in an accident and therefor the finished product from the mould will be poor, mishapen, and you will have all manner of proplems in lining it up with the body. We have seen this in the past and strongly advise not to go near them!   ####

Alongside our parts department, we can also help with Build manuals, Original wiring diagrams, Paint codes, Vehicle specification, Tracking settings, and Technical information and advice.