Parts & Spares for the Later Marcos Models...

Mantara,  LM,  Mantaray  &  Mantis

We are the only official supplier of genuine Marcos parts. All of our manufactured parts are made using the original moulds, patterns & jigs for the cars, and nearly all parts supplied are as per original specifications.

Please note that all prices are plus VAT at 20%

If you would like to order any of the items, please email us with the items information so we can check that the items are suitable for your vehicle and the total costs (vat and carriage where applicable) and availability. If there are any items not listed , please contact us - there may be something we can do for you, advise where an item may be found... or save your search.

Payment can be made by card (unfortunately not American Express) or Bank Transfer and arranged once an order has been confirmed.

Bonnet Badge
- Acyrilic
B83   £35.00 bonnet badge small
Bonnet Gas Ram B44   £48.00 each bonnet gas
Bonnet Rubber B60   £9.50 bonnet rubber
Boot Seal B39   £19.50 boot seal
Boot Gas Ram B43   £48.00 each boot gas ram
Brake Light Switch BC76   £4.50 brake light switch
Brake Disc - Front Contact us for options From £37.00 each brake disc
Brake Disc - Rear Contact us for options From £37.00 each rear brake disc
Brake Pad Set - Front Contact us for options From £35.00 pads 1pads2pads3
Brake Pad Set - Rear Contact us for options From £25.80 padsrearpad2rear pads3
Aeroquip Braided Flexible Brake Hose BC18   £28.50 each brakehose
Chassis Bung C13 £0.50 each Chassis Bung
Chassis Plate C17 £25.00 Marcos Car chassis Aluminium Plate
Clutch Master Cylinder BC42   £38.00 clutch master cylinder
Door Dropglass per side Contact us for options From £32.00 Marcos dropglass
Door Seal
B28   £17.50 Coupe (per side)
£35.00 Spyder
Door Seal
Exhaust Manifold - per side Contact us for options   £425.00 each manifolds
Exhaust System - per side Contact us for options   £425.00 each exhaust
Fan Belt - Standard Mantis
£28.50 E61a
Fan Belt - S/C Mantis EE53   £52.00 fan belt ee53
Fan Belt - 4.6 (LM)
Air Con
EE61 £26.50 fan belt EE61
Fan Belt - 2.0 Litre EE61B   £18.50 fan belt EE61b
Fuel Filter 3.9 V8 F11   £9.50 Fuel Filter F11
Fuel Filter - Mantis F16   £16.50 fuel filter F16
Fuel Tank Sender Unit IN14   £33.50 IN14 tank sender
Gearbox Mounting - V8 C19   £18.50 Marcos V8 car gearbox mount
Glove Box Catch IT44   £12.50 glovebox catch
Handbrake Cable - Short BC54B   £44.00 BC54b
Handbrake Cable - Long BC54A   £44.00 B54a
Headlamp Cover
- Mantara
B64 - LH
B64a - RH
  £40.00 each mantara headlampmantara headlamp on car
Mantara Headlamp Cover Fitting Kit B64b   £6.95 Fitting Kit for Mantara Headlamp Covers
Headlamp Cover
- Mantis, Mantaray
B66 - LH
B66a - RH
£40.00 each mantis coversmantis cover on car
Headlamp Cover
- LM
B66b - LH
B66c - RH
  £40.00 each LM headlamp on car
Hood Catch H04A   £37.50 each H04a
Hood Popper (3 piece) H08 £0.75 Hood poppers
Mudguards Contact us   £68.00 each  
Oil Filter V8 Of01   £11.50 OF01
Oil Filter - Mantis OF02   £12.50  
Outer Weatherstrip W38   £6.50 each weatherstrip
Outer Weatherstrip Clip W38A   £0.45 ea weatherstrip clip
Polybush Kit - Front IRS-FRT   £95.00 IRSFRT
Polybush Kit - Rear IRS-RR   £105.00 IRSRR
Relay - Heated Screen Timer E52B   £38.00 E52b
Speedo Cable - Upper IN12   £32.00 IN12 Speedo Cable Upper
Speedo Cable - Lower IN11   £32.00 IN11
Spring - Front Contact us   £32.00 spring
Spring - Rear Contact us   £34.00 spring
Temp Sender IN13   £17.50 tempsenser
Throttle Cable - Mantis IN01A   £32.00 IN01a
Throttle Cable -Mantara, LM, Mantaray IN02   £38.00 IN02
Track Rod End Contact us   £18.50 each TrEnd
Voltage Stabiliser IN18   £14.50 stabiliser
Wheel Badge 50mm A35   £3.50 each wheel badge 
Wheel Bearing - Front Contact us   £35.00 each ss74
Wheel Bearing - Rear Contact us   £55.00 each  
Windscreen - Heated W23   £495.00  
Windscreen T-Section W26 £42.00  
Wiper Blade - Black E06   £6.50 ea Black wiper blade