Protech Dampers ...

Exclusive to Marcos Heritage.......

After extensive development we are now able to offer Marcos owners PROTECH Dampers for all models.

These anodised aluminium units are ultra light weight and are hand built to the highest standards. A single adjustment knob adjusts both bump and rebound valving simultaneously, and every unit is covered by a 3 years manufacturers warranty.

Photo of the protech dampers 
Front Dampers (all models up to 1992)  £120.00 Each + VAT
Rear Dampers  (Live Axle models )  £110.00 Each + VAT


Photo of protech rear dampers 
Rear Dampers  (IRS Models)  £120.00 Each + VAT


photo of protech front dampers 
Front Dampers  (from 1992)  £220.00 Each + VAT