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At Marcos Heritage we pride ourselves in being the leading experts in Marcos restoration from the original wooden chassied cars right through to the last of the cars built. We undertake all forms of restoration large or small, and you can find a selection of our restoration work below.

1967 Marcos 1500 Wooden Chassis

For  this car, we were commissioned to complete a sympathetic restoration, but retaining the car's patina. This included full paint removal, fibreglass repairs and repaint in the vehicle's original colour - Marcos Artic White. The majority of the upholstery was retained but headlining and carpets were replaced. We carried out a full mechanical assessment and replacement of items where necessary.

As a result of the work by the owner and ourselves - and the attention to detail undertaken, we sold this car on behalf of our customer for £21,000.00
Marcos 1500 WC Restoration Complete
Marcos 1500 WC chassis resto car on rampMarcos 1500 WC Bodywork restoration Marcos 1500 WC Interior Restoration Marcos 1500 WC Resto engine work
Marcos 1500 WC Brake refurb Marcos 1500 WC Restoration almost complete Marcos 1500 WC Restoration - nearly there. Marcos 1500 WC Restoration completed
1969 Marcos 3 Litre Wooden Chassis 

This car was purchased as a going concern in need of various works. It had undergone various forms of restoration over the years, some of which seriously detracted from the originality of the car. To return it to period styling, we removed the spoiler, racing mirrors, and wheels. It was then given a total mechanical check over, replacing joints, bushes etc. as necessary, minor chasis repairs to the rear bulkheads and axle aperture, and fitment of the correct rear axle. The original fitment wire wheels were reinstated, as were the correct period bumpers front and rear.
3l WC after restoration
The car was returned to virtually original specification and correct detailing. This enabled us to offer the car for sale as one of the most original 3 Litre wooden chassis cars available at the time. This was reflected in the sale price obtained of £20,000.
1995 Mantara

The body was removed to reveal the extent of the corrosion. A new chassis was built to the original specificaions from the original jig, galvanised and powdercoated to the customer's specification. The new chassis was built up and the body refitted using all new parts where necessary. The interior was completely refurbished to include new leather upholstery,  steering wheel, a new elm dashboard complete Magnolia faced gauges, and a carpet set.  Paintwork detailing, a new hood and new wheels finished off the restoration to bring this stunning Mantara back to showroom condition.
Mantara Restoration complete
Mantara Restoration new chassisMantara Restoration chassis refurb Mantara Restoration seat refurbMantara Restoration Interior refurb
3 Litre Volvo 1971

This vehicle had been off the road since 1986. The current owner bought the car, having owned it back in 1970's, and commissioned Marcos Heritage to carry out a full ground up restoration over a period of 6 months. No expense was spared, and the vehicle was transformed. Works included a new galvanised & powdercoated chassis, engine overhaul, complete re-trim, complete  mechanical overhaul, full respray, all to the original specification.
This is arguably the best 3 Litre Volvo out there. 
Marcos 3L Volvo restoration Complete 
Shortly after the rebuild the car was Overall Concourse Winner at the MOC & CMI Club meeting at Shugborough. Marcos 3L Volvo Resto, chassisMarcos 3L Volvo Interior prior to restoMarcos 3L Volvo Engine Bay restoMarcos 3L Volvo Interior refurb
Marcos 3L Volvo Engine bay before resto completeMarcos 3L Volvo Interior RefurbMarcos 3L Volvo Dashboard refurb Marcos 3L Volvo Interior resto completeMarcos 3L Volvo Engine bay completeMarcos 3L Volvo Restoration Completed
 Martin V8 Wooden Chassis

This vehicle was a unique build commissioned by one of our customers. It underwent a complete restoration including chassis repairs, upholstery and a full respray.  The car was converted to accept the 3 Litre Martin V8 Formula 1 engine, from the 1960's, resulting in a very interesting one off Marcos.
Martin V8 Wooden Chassis restorationMartin V8 Wooden Chassis engineMartin V8 Restoration bonnetMartin V8 Restoration
3 Litre Metal Chassis 1970

We carried out a complete ground up restoration on this vehicle including a new galvanised chassis, front and rear screens, new upholstery set, new bonnet, complete respray, refurbished wheels & new tyres, just to name a few of the items, restoring this vehicle to superb condition.
Marcos 3L Metal Chassis restoration complete
Marcos 3L Metal Chassis refurbMarcos 3L Metal Chassis engine refurbMarcos 3L Metal Chassis bodywork refurb Marcos 3L Metal Chassis pre paintingMarcos 3L Metal Chassis engine buildMarcos 3L Metal Chassis painted
1995 LM 400

We removed the body from this LM to reveal a badly corroded chassis. A new galvanised & powdercoated chassis was fitted, the body replaced and all furniture re-fitted. We carried out a full respray including fitting Armourfend paint protection film to the bonnet. Only 14 LM 400 models were produced by Marcos, and this one owner car with new chassis and paintwork is almost certainly one of the best.
H1 Marcos LM400 Chassis RefurbH2 Marcos LM400 being paintedH3 Marcos LM400 Complete
1988 Mantula Coupe

This Mantula went through a transformation including a new galvanised chassis, complete respray, front and rear brake upgrades, engine turned dashboard & push-button switch kit, new wiring harness, rear light conversion, full leather upholstery kit, Minilite wheels, and fitment of a 285bhp John Eales 4.6 V8 engine, making it a very desirable car.
P12 Marcos Mantula restoration complete
P1 Marcos Mantula pre paintingMarcos Mantula Engine bay refurbMarcos Mantula Engine refurb P5 Marcos Mantula interior refurbP6 Marcos Mantula resto paintworkMarcos Mantula Brake refurb
P7 Marcos Mantula Interior after refurbMarcos Mantula Engine bay after refurbMarcos Mantula after painting Marcos Mantula Restoration completedMarcos Mantula Restoration Completed

dash roll cage engine wc resto Marcos Hood refurb