Upgrades ...

Engine Turned Dashboard - to suit any model
Engine Turned dashboard photo
Handcrafted engine turned aluminium dashboard.
Price on application, please enquire.
Roll Over Hoop
- to suit Mantara, Mantaray, LM & Mantis
Photo of Mantis with roll hoop fitted Available in either full chrome or black powdercoat, this can be supplied for self-fit together with a drilling template, or fitted in ourworkshops as required. Manufactured from CDS tubing and chassis mounted, this will act as a safety device should the need arise.

Chrome & Black available, prices on application, please enquire. 
Magnolia faced Instruments
c/w Spun Alloy Bezels
photo of magnolia faced clocks Whether the car has a carbon or walnut dash the effect of the Magnolia-faced instruments are stunning, classic, easy to read, and most important, individual.  (Unfortunately white faced gauges are no longer available).
To suit all models, don't hesitate to give us a call if you have any queries.

Prices on application, please enquire.
Stainless Steel Gear Knob
Photo of stainless steel gearknob Suitable for all V8 models.  Manufactured from stainless steel, the gear change mechanism needs the weight of steel to enable it to work correctly, aluminium is too light.

£52.00 + VAT
Stainless Steel Etched
Kick Plates

photo of etched kick plates To suit Mantara, Mantaray, LM and Mantis. Polished stainless steel door kick plates etched with the Marcos logo.

£95.00 Pair + VAT
Stone Chip Guards
Photo of stone chip guards on mantis Close up of stone chip guards
Good looking yet fully functional, these guards protect the leading edge of rear wings. 
To suit LM and Mantis.
£32.00 each + VAT, finished in black.
Brake Ducts
A perfect compliment to the Stone Chip Guards, purely cosmetic.
£36.00 each + VAT, finished in black.
Boot Mounted Wings
Photo of small wing Photo of GT wing Photo of LM wing
Small Wing GT Wing LM Wing
To suit all models To suit LM and Mantis, includes aluminium
wing support plates and end fences
To suit LM and Mantis
£225.00 + VAT £250.00 + VAT £550.00 + VAT
Front Spoiler
Blended front spoiler Bolted front spoiler
This genuine spoiler was developed by Marcos in around 1985, and will suit all models up to Mantula.
The spoiler can either be bolted on or blended into the fibreglass. 
£225.00 + VAT
Dive Planes
LM showing Dive planes Dive plane close up
As used on the race cars to improve front end stability, suitable for LM and Mantis models.
£22.00 each + VAT, finished in black.
Ceramic coated Exhaust Manifolds
photo of ceramic manifolds The ultimate in rust prevention for exhaust systems. The manifolds are cermaic coated inside and out, and available in a choice of colours.

(Applicable to new manifolds only)

Prices on application, please enquire.
Front Extended Tubular Wishbones
Extended tubular wishbones pic Replacement front tubular wishbones to give 1" extra track plus  more rigidty than the originals giving less twist on suspension under braking. Pictured in silver powdercoat, or a choice of colours.

To suit all cars from 1964 to 1992.

£595.00 + VAT
Aluminium Lightweight Door Hinges
Pic of aluminium hinges Pair of aluminium door hinges, made from the original Marcos drawings, lightweight, perfect for race use.

£330.00 + VAT, Pair.



Brake Upgrade - models up to 1992
After extensive development, we can now offer a Front Vented Brake Upgrade for all cars using the Triumph front suspension with 14" diameter wheels (or larger). The kit comprises of the following:
brake upgrade kit pic 2  x  Billet 4 Alloy Calipers
2  x  Front Vented Brake Discs
2  x  Caliper Brackets
1  x  Set Road Specification Brake Pads
2  x  Aeroquip Braided Flexi Brake Hoses
1  x  Complete Set of Fittings
upgrade kit on car Please Note:
Standard cast iron Triumph hubs are compatible with the brake upgrade kit. Certain alloy hubs may be machined to a different specification to the original Triumph, we can supply the correct hubs if required. The kit is designed around the standard triumph caliper hanger, again we can supply these from stock if required.

Prices on application, please enquire.
Brake Upgrade  - Mantara & LM
We are also able to offer Mantara & LM customers with a similar Front Brake Upgrade, which consists of the following:
LM brake upgrade  2  x  Billet Calipers (in a choice of gold, silver or black)
2  x  Front 285mm Brake Discs - cross drilled or grooved, or
         cross drilled and grooved.
1  x  Set Road Specification Brake Pads
2  x  Aeroquip Braided Flexi Brake Hoses
2  x  Mounting Brackets
1  x  Complete Set of Fittings

Prices on application, please enquire.

Rear Lamp Conversions
Photo of rear lamp conversion on Marcos Close up of lamp conversion
We have now completely exhausted our stocks and suppliers of the rear rectangular lamps fitted to the Mantula's  etc...  but we have come up with an alternative which is proving to be very popular .........

We can supply a kit of 6 lamps and fittings to replace the old lamps which neatly fit into the space available on the back panel of the car. The lamps are E-marked and are fully SVA compliant.
Rear Lamp Converstiont Kit   (Set of 6 lamps )   Prices on application, please enquire.
Rear Underspoiler
Rear Underspoiler close up Rear underspoiler on car
To suit LM and Mantis models. To finish off the rear end this spoiler will effectively lower the rear of the car and enhance the overall appearance and help with ground effect.
£295.00 + VAT
Mantula Body Kit
Pic of Mantula with body kit fitted
To enhance the look of the Mantula, in 1986 Marcos introduced this genuine body kit. The Mantula Body Kit comprises of two side sill panels, plus a rear apron section.
Mantula Body Kit  £375.00 + VAT