Interior Trim & Upholstery ...

We hold all of the original patterns and templates for the upholstery, hoods carpet etc... for all Marcos cars 1959 onwards. Our suppliers still manufacture the original materials used in the production of cars dating back to 1959. Original is best, especially when you come to sell the car. We also employ the original craftsmen who built the cars.

Our leather hides are still from the original supplier, so colour and grain is no problem. But please note, a few square feet  (if not a stock item) means a hide, this can be expensive. We do keep all off cuts (when available) by chassis number so we may have the original batch in stock.

Leather Renovation

As an alternative to a leather re-trim, we can now offer all customers a complete leather renovation package to transform their existing leather.

Seat before restoration   Seat After Restoration
Before   After
A once pristine new Magnolia leather seat, after a few years looks very dull and grubby. The side panels suffer much wear with drivers and passengers getting in and out of the car.    After a full renovation, the reworked seat is literally looking like brand new. The true colour has been restored and all water stains / grubby marks are gone.
Seats Before and after upholstery side by side

We can renovate a complete trim set for £625.00 + VAT. This can normally be done over a couple of days, either bring the car down to us or simply send us your trim set. The trim pieces will be renovated, and then send back/refitted into the car.

This is not to be confused with "DIY" materials that can be bought over the internet. The restoration is carried out by Connolly trained technicians who specialise in renovation of Bentley, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin etc... and work to very exacting standards.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.


Carpet Sets

We can supply carpet sets for all models, which are made to the original patterns. The most popular being the Classic standard black set at £195.00 + VAT. We can also offer a mid-range carpet at £245.00 + VAT and a luxury wool option at £295.00 + VAT. Please contact us if you would like to receive carpet samples.


Sadly we cannot supply hoods by mail order. All of the cars are individual, and we insist that hoods are made and fitted straight to the car. Remember, we keep hood poppers and trim caps in stock for those odd ones that seem to disappear!

Webasto Sunroof Renovation

Providing your sunroof metal rails are in good condition and intact, we can carry out a total sunroof renovation on site, replacing both outer canvas and inner lining materials as per original. Please contact us for further details.

swatches of colour samples for interiors